Exquisite Eels: A Review of The Superpower Field Guide: Eels

butler super power field guide eels

The Superpower Field Guide: Eels
By Rachel Poliquin
Illustrated by Nicholas John Frith
July 23, 2020
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Grades 4-7

The latest entry into The Superpower Field Guide series is just as electrifying as the last three! In this Superpower Field Guide, Poliquin does a deep dive into the mystery of the European Eel that has baffled scientists for centuries. Following one such eel named Olenka, Polquin reveals the ten different superpowers of the European Eel, the life cycle of these eels, and uncovers the mystery of their birth. Sprinkled with fun facts, quizzes, and 50’s style illustrations, Poliquin will completely change how you see and think about European Eels!

It’s clear from the start that Poliquin has done her research on all things eel, informing readers of the difference between imposter eels like the electric eel and true eels like the European Eel. Backmatter includes a glossary, list of books for further reading, and videos for interested readers. Frith illustrations give the field guide a retro style, reminiscent of field guides made by the boy scouts. Interesting and entertaining this is book can be enjoyed by everyone—not just marine biologists!