Reading Reflections: The Young Adult Book Guide

When it comes to reading preferences, some things are just personal. And when young people are looking to see themselves in a book, they may not always be in a place to announce their identity to the librarians and teachers that might help suggest titles. Enter Reading Reflections: The Young Adult Book Guide. Created as a tool for teen readers, and the teachers and librarians that support them, the book list is organized by category to help readers discover some of the best examples of books on a variety of topical issues including mental health, social justice, and LGBTQ+ identities.

An introduction for teens

The guide is for readers in 7th -12th grade who crave books that reflect their identities, situations, or thoughts. While these books are great for any young reader, they’ve been characterized by topics you may see as helpful or make you feel seen. Many of these characters may have similar lives to yours, or maybe they remind you of a friend. Either way, they are here to ensure that you’re not alone. You’ll also find some useful resources that you can use to seek further information or assistance.

Project inspiration

A Dominican SOIS student created the lists as a scholarship project inspired by her work with teens. She uses the tool as a bridge to teens in need of acknowledgement and/or resources, but who weren’t comfortable discussing their life with an adult. Please consider sharing the guide with the young people in your library or life. You can send questions or additions for consideration to