Humans in an Animal World: A Review of Invented by Animals

Invented by Animals: Meet the creatures who inspired our everyday technology

Written by Christiane Dorion and Illustrated by Gosia Herba

Published by Wide Eyed Editions

Ages 7-10

Available April 6, 2021

Dive into this nonfiction read that teaches the reader how animals’ natural survival techniques have inspired human inventions. Learn how the woodpecker is helping to create safer helmets, how the kingfisher and the owl are creating quieter bullet trains, and how the porcupine inspired cutting-edge medical inventions. This is a book that will teach children not only about animals and their unique abilities but also how those abilities will help create new technology and save our planet.

Dorion does an excellent job explaining each animal’s backstory and talent in a way that will appeal to children. She writes from the perspective of the animal, giving each one its own personality. It is as though the animals are talking directly to readers. This technique will help children engage with the book and connect with the information. Throughout the book, the animals also ask questions, encouraging children to think critically and creatively. This makes for a worthy addition to any STEM lesson. Herba’s anthropomorphized illustrations of the animals are fun, vibrant, and sometimes silly—see cover art featuring an octopus in a human disguise. It’s beautiful, full colors will entice readers to pick it up. Although geared towards grade levels 2-5, it really is an informative read for all ages.