Earth Day Reading List

Earth day is April 22nd, and it is more important now than it has ever been! What better way to celebrate than by giving students the chance to read about it with the fantastic titles below? Students will learn about nature, climate change, and steps they can take to help save our planet. Some books even feature true stories of young activists already making a difference! Check out the list below and inspire kids to get involved.


Peppa Pig and the Earth Day Adventure
Candlewick Press
March 9, 2021
Ages 2-5

Come along with every kid’s favorite pig on her Earth Day Adventure! Peppa spends the day with her family. First sorting the recycling and collecting the compost. Then going to the Botanical Gardens, learning about bees, plants, and wildflowers. Finally, Peppa ends her day playing in the squishy playground that only rain and dirt and can make. Candlewick Press has created a fun picture book about the beauty of nature while also adding in things small children can do to help our planet.

Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up
Sean Taylor and Alex Morss
Illustrated by Cinyee Chiu
Words & Pictures
March 16, 2021
Ages 3-6

Busy Spring follows a father and his two children through their backyard as the season of spring blooms before their eyes. On this journey, the family learns the many different signs of spring—puddles from the rain, birds collecting twigs for nests, caterpillars eating leaves. This book explores the beauty of spring and the science behind it. It’s lively and luminous illustrations show how bright and busy nature can be. For further learning, there are annotated illustrations that describe the behaviors of plants and animals during the spring season.


The Story of Climate Change: A first book about how we can help save our planet
Catherine Barr and Steve Williams
Illustrated by Amy Husband and Mike Love
Frances Lincoln Children’s Books
March 2, 2021
Ages 5-8

The Story of Climate Change follows the history of Earth’s climate, from its beginnings over 4 billion years ago to the present. It teaches about the effects of global warming, the causes of climate change, and how climate change affects humans and animals around the world. After learning the facts, children will discover practical ways to help solve the problem. Barr and Williams have created an excellent introduction to climate change that will help young minds understand the importance of taking care of our planet. Pages filled with colorful illustrations from top to bottom are sure to entertain this age group and keep them engaged with the content. There’s even a glossary of useful words to increase readers’ understanding.

Middle Grade

Old Enough to Save the Planet
Loll Kirby
Illustrated by Adelina Lirius
Abrams Kids
February 9, 2021
Ages 8-12

Old Enough to Save the Planet is a nonfiction picture book that tells the stories of 12 young activists from around the world. Readers will learn how these activists are making a difference in their communities as well as the challenges they have faced along the way. There is a brilliant spread dedicated to each activist. They include vibrant illustrations, with rich and dark colors, that fill the pages from top to bottom with small paragraphs explaining what each activist did and why it was so important. At the end of the book, readers can find tips on how to get involved in environmental activism.

Our World Out of Balance: Understanding Climate Change and What We Can Do
Andrea Minoglio
Illustrated by Laura Fanelli
Blue Dot Kids Press
April 13, 2021
Ages 8-12

This information packed, nonfiction guide to climate change will help readers understand the state of our environment today. It explains the role humans have played in the climate crisis while also providing solutions to the problem. It features segments on air pollution, rising seas, plastics and increased waste, and wildfires. Each includes a before-and-after section that explains what happened prior to climate change and what is happening now. The colorful illustrations that fill the pages keep the reader engaged with the content, showing the different environmental problems we are facing. To further inspire readers, the back matter has a list of citizen science organizations that kids can join to make a difference.

Young Adult

How to Change Everything: The Young Human’s Guide to Protecting the Planet and Each Other
Naomi Klein and Rebecca Stefoff
Atheneum Books for Young Readers
February 23, 2021
Ages 10+

How to Change Everything is a nonfiction read that shows the state of the climate today and how it became this way. The authors don’t shy away from the seriousness of climate change, including how humanity has damaged our planet through the use of fossil fuels, and how there’s a need for a Green New Deal. They also feature inspiring stories of how young leaders from around the world are tackling climate change and fighting for climate justice. In this condensed version of her adult title, Klein empowers young people to get involved by presenting clear and captivating facts, while also giving them the tools they need to help save our world.


Blue Dot Kids Press is offering some fun activities kids can do–even from home! To get kids involved and making a difference, check out the links below. 

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