Butler Bookshelf

This week on the Butler Bookshelf is Take Back the Block by Chrystal D. Giles! We are eager to dive into the story of Wes Henderson and his fight to save Kensington Oaks, the neighborhood he’s lived in since birth. When a real estate developer offers to buy Kensington Oaks, threatening to take away the only life he has ever known, Wes thought he could turn to the adults to fix the problem. But all they do is argue. Now it’s up to Wes to find the missing piece to this puzzle and save the Oaks! For more fantastic titles, check out the list below!

We Want A Dog
Written and Illustrated by Lo Cole
Published by Sourcebooks Jabberwocky
Available June 8, 2021

Take Back the Block
Written by Chrystal D. Giles
Published by Random House Children’s Books
Available now!

Yesterday is History
Written by Kosoko Jackson
Published by Sourcebooks Fire
Available now!

A World of Plants
Written by Martin Jenkins and Illustrated by James Brown
Published by Candlewick Studio
Available now!

Goodnight, Astronaut
Written by Scott Kelly and Illustrated by Izzy Burton
Published by Crown Books for Young Readers
Available now!

Bears at the Beach
Written by Shirley Parenteau and Illustrated by David Walker
Published by Candlewick Press
Available now!