Commemorate the Ordinary: A Review of Sometimes Cake

Sometimes Cake
Edwina Wyatt
Illustrated by Tamsin Ainslie
January 4, 2022
Ages 2-5

Audrey always finds Lion celebrating something. Whether it be Tuesdays or the color orange, Lion commemorates the little things with a big production. And Audrey joins of course! They don their heads with colorful hats and eat delicious cake. But one day, Audrey finds Lion in a sad slumber. Now Audrey must show Lion that even ordinary days are a cause for celebration.

Sometimes Cake is a simple and fun picture book that illustrates how the small things in life can bring us great joy. Having coconut cake just because it’s Tuesday can brighten our darkest days. Ainslie’s pencil and watercolor illustrations have a hand-drawn feel with pictures placed on an off-white background. The gentle and warm colors, with noticeable pencil shading on the outlines of each drawing, add a soft-focus look to an already warm, fuzzy story. Ainslie also cleverly shows the passage of each day by changing Audrey’s clothes. Through Audrey and Lion, Wyatt proves that there is something special about every day. All we have to do is find it.