Let’s Celebrate Children’s Book Week!

Celebrating the powerful impact books have on young readers, the second celebration of Children’s Book Week is here! Every Child a Reader is an award-winning, non-profit organization that has provided the longest-running and largest outreach programs in the nation to its diverse readers, and is the main supporter of Children’s Books Week. The second celebration of Children’s Book Week with the slogan, How Do You Book?, will last from November 7th through 13th. To foster the love of reading and unite kids and adults to celebrate this annual celebration, Every Young Reader has provided a variety of free tools and resources to finish off the week.

Some interesting resources to check out:

  • How Do You Book? Challenge
    • Provides an activity layout for asking kids what, how, and where they enjoy reading.
    • Encourages young readers to explore new book genres and preferences by thinking of ‘book’ as a verb in this challenge.
  • Children’s Book Week Educator Kit
    • This can be used individually or in collaboration with the How Do You Book? Challenge.
    • Useful for all ages, the prompts and checklist in this kit provide questions encouraging readers to learn from others and think critically about how they book, or don’t.
  • Media Tools
    • Supporting teachers and other librarians, this resource helps reach young readers through media, social media, and digital communications.
    • Gain more inspiration from readers and authors by following #HowDoYouBook .
  • 2022 Children’s Book Week Poster, Bookmarks, and Activities
    • Display this poster and bookmarks in your library or classroom today to help support the celebration.

For all these tools and more, visit https://everychildareader.net/cbw/.

(Cited from Every Child a Reader Website)