A Bilingual Adventure: A Review of Too-Small Tyson 

Tyson, El pequenito (Too- small Tyson): Storytelling Math, A Spanish Bilingual Edition
JaNay Brown-Wood
Illustrated by Anastasia Magloire Williams
Publish date: April 11, 2023 
Ages: 6+ 

Tyson is the youngest, and smallest, of his siblings. When his family’s pet gerbil Swish goes missing, Tyson steps up, proving that age and size don’t diminish heart and brains. And that even the youngest and the smallest can be the most determined. Using math and intellectual grit, he imagines a way to catch Swish safely. He earns his older brothers’ respect when he successfully rescues Swish, and teaches them to appreciate their sibling. 

This bright and colorful picture book is a celebration of wit and boldness, reminding readers that they are more than capable of getting things done and solving problems, even when others doubt or overlook them. The vibrant, full-color digital illustrations highlight the descriptive expressions of the characters, drawing the reader into Tyson’s world. Conversation bubbles help to clarify the speaker, whether Tyson or one of his many brothers. 

Written in both English and Spanish, this bilingual adventure makes it easy for a native Spanish speaker or non-Spanish speaker to follow along with Tyson and learn simple math as well as a new language.