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Have you ever wondered what could be on the ocean’s floor? From Shore to Ocean Floor: The Human Journey to the Deep gives a deep dive into what mysterious creatures could be down in the inky depth of the big blue and the animals that live near it. This story explores the history of how humans went from building boats to finally taking a step into the world’s most unexplored region with fantastical creatures and new exciting discoveries. 

Check it out along with other books we got last week below!

Written by Jennifer De Leon
Published by Atheneum Books for Young Readers
Available Today!

Counting Our Blessings
Written & Illustrated by Emma Dodd
Published by Templar Books
Available May 2nd!

Dakota Crumb and the Secret Bookshop (A Tiny Treasure Hunt)
Written by Jamie Michalak & Illustrated by Kelly Murphy
Published by Candlewick
Available May 2nd!

A Day in the Life of an Astronaut, Mars, and the Distant Star
Written by Mike Barfield & Illustrated by Jess Bradley
Published by Aladdin
Available Today!

Far Out!
Written by Anne Bustard
Published by Simon & Schuster For Young Readers
Available Now!

From Shore to Ocean Floor: The Human Journey to the Deep
Written by Gill Arbuthnott & Illustrated by Christopher Nielsen 
Published by Big Picture Press
Available May 2nd!