CSMCL Best Multicultural Children’s Books of 2016

This week we are pleased to share the 4th annual list of the “Best Multicultural Children’s Books of 2016,” just released by the Center for the Study of Multicultural Children’s Literature (CSMCL). The CSMCL is an educational research center that works to “…preserve the richness of the many cultures in the field of children’s and young adult literature” and  “… to provide children, teachers, parents, educators, students, and librarians access to multicultural children’s books with high literary and artistic standards”. CSMCL also houses a non-circulating collection of recent and historically significant, multicultural children’s and young adult books, art works and manuscripts.
For the last few weeks the Butler Center has been highlighting books that strongly support ALSC’s core values (collaboration, excellence, inclusiveness, innovation, integrity and respect, leadership and responsiveness). This list represents a collection of books that embody each and every one of these core values and is a valuable guide for thoughtful, purposeful gift-giving  for children (and kid lit loving adults).
The “Best Multicultural Children’s Books of 2016” was officially released on the CSMCL website at http://www.csmcl.org/best-books-2016 and is also available as a Pinterest board.

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